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July 6, 2009

Three Worthless Things I Treasure Most

These are the three things I received from various people which I treasure the most. They look like trashes because I am keeping them for years. I don't have plans or future plans of throwing them because each one has a sentimental value. All of these things reminds me of someone. After I post this, some of my classmates will eventually ask "Where are the chocolates and the flowers?", my reply would be "They're soil now!".

#3 - Letters From Different People - I received all 6 letters from 5 different people way back in high school. Five of these letters were given on a valentines day, isn't that weird (not really)?

#2 A Stolen Handkerchief - While cleaning our classroom way back in high school, I found this familiar handkie, I know who owns this that's why I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I also stole his simple biography written in a 1/4 size of paper. At least I'm not a criminal!

#1 The Origami - This art looks stressed out but I ranked it as number 1! Only 2 people will realize or know why this thing is at the top of my list.

Secret Box - This is where I keep them all.

I don't want to name the people (except for #2) who gave these things to me because one of them doesn't like me (I hope I'm wrong), he treats me like trash, and I don't care.

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