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September 23, 2009

Crafting the Wumpus World

Our professor told us to solve the classical game 'Wumpus World' but I don't know how to solve it. In order to solve this game, one must have an idea about 'Situational Calculus'. The 'Situation Calculus' is used to create reasons to do actions and their effect on the possible scenarios of the Wumpus World.

So, instead of reading about this calculus thing, I decided to create the game without any calculus behind. The solution (the movements and the scenarios) of the game are displayed at the left of this Wumpus World. The solution at the right can be derived without making any further moves as long as some of the locations of the breeze and smell are found.

Here is my very simple version of the game:

If there is a breeze, then the player is just adjacent to a hole (pit). If there is a smell, then a monster is just adjacent to the player. In this game, the player wins if the gold is spotted.

You can download the game... No, I still have to submit this. I hope I can learn situation calculus so that I can apply it to this game. This flash game is only 75 Kb.

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