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November 7, 2009

My New LEGAL Blog (Not Really)

Hello, I just opened my new blog named "Just Torrents!". The name might sound illegal but before judging the word 'torrent', let me try to define that word. There are about 238,000,000 search results in Google about the word torrent. Torrent, before the digital world existed, means a strong current or flow of liquid and particles (i.e. rain water, rivers, etc). Torrent could also mean a small river or stream with varying flow of water through time. There are lots of meaning over the internet about the word torrent but this word has a common or general meaning which is "flow".

Downloaders especially the pirates (LOL) could define the word torrent as a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for transferring large amounts of files or data. But as what I have observed, this mode of technology is used mostly for illegal purposes like downloading movies, music, and games.

Welcome to Just Torrents!

Music, movies, games, etc. are not embedded in my new blog, only torrent files, which will allow people to download what they want, are the only ones available for download. If a torrent uploader removes a particular source torrent file, then I will immediately update that file.

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