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November 18, 2009

Seminar and My Favorite Song

One of our subjects this semester requires us to conduct a seminar to a group of people. The topic of the discussion must be IT related and the minimum participants should not be less than ten. My first plan was to conduct a tutorial about brochure or poster making to a group of fine art students or people who are interested. Then I remembered that the students in my ex-high school have an idea and experience on how to use Adobe Photoshop. I went there and ask some faculty members about this seminar requirement. After I explained everything, they suggested that instead I will teach the students brochure or poster making, I should teach them desktop publishing (using Adobe InDesign CS2) because Press Conference is fast approaching (December 2 and 3) and the students must learn how to layout school publications. I agreed to their offer because desktop publishing is also related to designing only a little bit formal and follows certain standards.

Letter noted by the principal.

I will be conducting the seminar this coming Thursday, November 26, 2009 at the computer laboratory of Minglanilla National Science High School. Only selected freshmen, sophomores, and juniors including some faculty members and the principal are invited in the seminar. I will also provide free snacks (last sentence of the letter).

After I went to my alma mater, I remembered one video of Van Roxas singing my favorite song "Touch My Hand" (David Archuleta). I downloaded the song and uploaded it back in Vimeo so that I can embed it in this post (the previous source of the video doesn't have an embed feature).

Video from Van's facebook account.

He's so cute in the video and his voice is so amazing. I hope I can meet Van in person. ahehehehe...

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