May 26, 2010

Because of Love

I am always unfair to myself because I exert more effort in loving someone than taking care of myself. It's like an investment that I don't care if I lose big time. Love is the only element in a person's life in which I can fully offer, no doubt, and lots of guarantees. I don't care if someone screws me up or wastes my effort, what's important is that I showed to the person I love, or maybe a group of connected people, that I truly love someone and moving on is not my option.

I got a job, a very nice one, but still, happiness is not attainable. As if I am not allowed to enjoy or grasp the meaning of happiness like any other people in the world do. Filipinos are one of the happiest people in the world but I think statistics failed to count me. Even though all the other factors that are happening in my life right now are doing so good, some are even the best so far I have experienced, I am still unhappy and depressed because of love.

Some people are trying to cheer me up and I reply them a smiley face because I don't want them to go with my depression. Moving on is not a choice for me.

Thanks for reading this post.

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