July 18, 2010

LightBox for Blogger

I actually planned to create a WordPress blog with a webhost because of the lightbox plug-in for WordPress but when I try to search for this plug-in for blogspot blogs, I was astonished that there’s a way to install the lightbox plug-in. I carefully followed the simple steps and after 5 minutes, one of the photos of my blog can be viewed using this plug-in. You can view the tutorial in the BloggerPlugins.org website.

Click to view image using lightbox plug-in.

The next day after installing the lightbox plug-in, I was so excited to take photos around so that I can make use of the plug-in. But before I can use this plug-in, there are some HTML codes to be changed.

Feel free to post comments on the photos. I am just starting in the field of photography that's why most of the photos taken looks crappy.

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